About Anna

cropped-cropped-001_edHello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Anna. At 27, I live in the American South with my Husband and our 4 wonderful pets.

I’m disabled, but I happily exist as a full time Housewife- as well as a Kitchen Goddess (according to my Husband), and a 1950’s Vintage Enthusiast. But more importantly, my Husband and I are slowly working towards our forever goal of turning 30 Acres of undeveloped land into a functional Homestead and Orchard.

In my spare time, I’m an Artist, Photographer, and Author; while it regularly disappoints me on a political level, I love my state of Oklahoma and have a passion for its Flora and Fauna. So much so that it regularly acts as the subject of my photography. Additionally, I’m an Historically Oriented Irish Polytheist, a Domestic Witch, and Vulture (just in case you thought I was too boring).

Ultimately I enjoy (and am involved in) a wide variety of things- and there is no doubt that my blog reflects that. Feel free to dig around and explore!

Last edited on 06.06.2017
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