Redesigning My Wardrobe; My Outfits of Choice

There are so many items that were on my original lists, but I have managed to whittle them down to a few targeted outfits!

I have tried to force myself to pick a few colors that I would not usually wear (so much yellow!), but I did not consider any of the items I already own at the moment. I will probably do that later once I have finished purchasing new clothes and finalize what I am going to donate from my current wardrobe.

The original lists have been updated to add / remove items that I wasn’t able to pair in the end (or didn’t like as much as I thought I did). As of right now I only have two final items on the list to save for that aren’t paired with an outfit. I am going to keep them on the lists, however, because they still fit and there are definitely other outfits pieces can be swapped with.

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Redesigning My Wardrobe; Wardrobe Plans

It has long since been a dream of mine to have a Vintage 1940’s to 1950’s inspired wardrobe. Until now that has been little more than an aesthetic pipe dream of mine, however. With my recent promotion at work, though, that dream will hopefully be a reality soon. As such I have compiled a quick reference list of the items I plan to purchase.

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