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Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, Oklahoma

My Husband and I have wanted to go to the Aquarium ever since we found out that Oklahoma did, in fact, have one. We’ve made plans to go several times, but each time they’ve fallen through. This week, we finally got to go! Continue reading “Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, Oklahoma”

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Cann Memorial Botanical Gardens

The first year that my Husband and I were together (dating, that is) he introduced me to an Herb Festival that takes place every year on the grounds of the Cann Memorial Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately the festival occurred much too early in the year for me to see any of the flowers. Continue reading “Cann Memorial Botanical Gardens”

Our homestead

From Orchard to All Out Homestead

The two of us, whether we want to admit it or not, have agriculture in our veins; we grew up on Family Farms (albeit very differently sized ones), it’s what we know, and what we’re good at; it’s in our blood. But more importantly? It’s also something that we both enjoy.  Continue reading “From Orchard to All Out Homestead”

Our Orchard

Anna Becomes an Orchardess

My Husband and I have been bouncing ideas around for the last few years concerning our future.  As we reach the halfway mark of our 5 year plan, the drive to really solidify our onward direction has intensified. As of this morning I’m proud to announce that we’ve finally come to a conclusion about it. Continue reading “Anna Becomes an Orchardess”