What it Really Means to be Ladylike

Ever since I began researching Beauty (and later Febas), and its role as a spiritual Virtue in Irish Polytheism, I’ve become sort of entranced by the idea of ladyship; I’ve given it a lot of thought over the last year, and I’ve come to several conclusions about it. Most notable among these conclusions, is that the concept of ladyship that we subscribe to today is about as far removed from its historical employment as a tree is from a frog. Continue reading “What it Really Means to be Ladylike”

Niceties that aren’t Nice; Excuses as Declinations

Today I stumbled across an Etiquette blog in my Tumblr recommendations. The user goes by the name of “Proper Girl” and posts Etiquette tips and Q&A’s. I usually get very excited when I see blogs like this on Tumblr because very rarely is anything so overtly feminine found on that site without a 10 page dissertation on why it is “Anti Feminist” attached to it… 3 posts into their blog, however, I was already disappointed with their content.

Continue reading “Niceties that aren’t Nice; Excuses as Declinations”