Rearranging the Irish Holidays

I felt a bit odd at first when I started thinking about rearranging the Irish holidays. Allec, one mastermind behind The Guide to Gaelic Polytheism, however, reassured me that it was not, in fact, blasphemy to rearrange them if I thought it was more beneficial. Continue reading “Rearranging the Irish Holidays”

[Recipe] Christmas Favorites

The wonderful Elsie over at Sweet Baby Cadillac and I correspond by letter- a recent development in our friendship, though plans were in effect to do so long before it actually happened.

In this week’s letter she was kind enough to share a Black Bean Brownie recipe with me and I wanted to respond in kind with my own original recipe: Basil-Oregano Pumpkin Pie Bars; when I did live with my parents and still celebrated their Christmas with them, I made these yearly as my culinary contribution to the festivities. The first time I made them, they were gone in less than a day, even!

As Elsie is Vegan and I am not, however, this recipe is not a Vegan recipe; if you are Vegan you will have to make substitutions to the recipe to account for your dietary restrictions and I cannot account for their taste if those items are changes. Continue reading “[Recipe] Christmas Favorites”