Burning Offerings Part 3: Preliminary Burn Test Results

Since the information was so elusive for me to find I decided to publish what I had- including my own burn test results- in the hopes that maybe it helps someone else looking to burn offerings in the future. Initially, though, all the information in this series appeared in one article along with these results. After so many people showed interest in it, I decided to break it into a multi-part series with more in depth information.

This post contains the original results of the preliminary burn test; the bowl arrived and I proceeded to spend the afternoon performing burn tests in order to check fuel ratios and container performance.  Continue reading “Burning Offerings Part 3: Preliminary Burn Test Results”

Burning Offerings Part 2: The Research Phase

Unfortunately, you cannot just light a fire in any dish, throw your offerings into a dish, and be done with it. There is, to put it simply, a lot more to it than that; safety, fuel, container material, and several other things are important factors to consider when deciding to burn your Offerings- or anything at all, really.

And so the research began… But I ran into one hell of a wall almost immediately.

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