IriPol Resources

Disclaimer: I cannot vouch for the historical or other accuracy of information presented by any resource included in this list. Furthermore, a link’s appearance on this list does not necessarily mean that I agree with the contents of that link.

This is an incomplete list of resources that I have personally collected throughout my research into Irish Polytheism, and will be periodically updated to reflect additional resources as I find them. It is meant as a quick reference post so that I may more easily access the sources I quote, or otherwise use in my research. And while I do my best to keep this list up to date and correct broken links, I cannot guarantee that all links will continue to work.

— RESTRICTED are restricted access sources and may require you to have a basic account, an account through an affiliated educational organization, or a paid account with their site in order to access their files.

— VIDEO resources contain audio and moving images. Exercise caution if you have any disorders triggered by moving images, and please make sure to adjust your volume to suitable levels before opening. Likewise, they may require an additional app to play when viewing on Mobile.

— PODCAST resources contain audio, but may or may not include a text transcript of that audio. Please make sure to adjust your volume to suitable levels before opening. Likewise, they may require an additional app to play when viewing on Mobile.

— READER resources may require updated Java, Shockwave, or other scripts in order to run correctly. Additionally, they may not run correctly on mobile devices.

— PDF resources may be downloaded or saved externally to your device at your discretion. Those which Automatically Download have been labeled as ADL PDF for your convenience.

— BOOK resources will take you to an Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, or other listing to purchase the book- or to a Google Books page, or PDF, if any portion of the book is available online for free viewing.

— WEB resources are standard Website pages. While there is no guarantee that a website won’t require additional scripts or other features- or that they are Mobile Friendly- these are generally easier to access from all devices; ones which I have personally written are marked as PERSONAL for full disclosure.

History and Archaeology Specific Resources:
Language Specific Resources:
Law Specific Resources:
Culture Specific Resources:
Clothing and Dress Specific Resources:
Female and Womanhood Specific Resources:
Marriage, Sex, Family, and Children Specific Resources:
Medicine and Plant Specific Resources:
Virtue and Value Specific Resources:
Gessi (Prohibitions) and Búada (Blessings) Specific Resources:
 Holiday and Festival Specific Resources:


Other / Lesser Holidays:




Lore and Folklore Specific Resources:
Deity / Entity / Figure Specific Resources:

General Lore

Sídhe / “The Fae”


Na Morrígna



Manannán Mac Lir




Prayer Specific Resources:
Irish Magic and Mysticism Specific Resources:
Warriorship Specific Resources:
Shannachie (Story-Teller) and Fili (Poet) Specific Resources:
Kingship and Sovereignty Specific Resources:
(Non Specific but helpful) Local Cultus Resources:
Nonspecific or Uncategorized Resources: