Honor and Equality: Conundrum or Triviality?

In her own little recesses of the internet, a friend of mine posted a breathtakingly and poignant article today talking about enech, or “face”- the concept we tend to call honor, as it applies to Irish faith. It got me thinking about what Honor actually is, and how it applies in a modern context. Continue reading “Honor and Equality: Conundrum or Triviality?”


The Complexity of Being

I trawl through various Feminine tags quite often- whether it’s Femininity, Feminism, Gender Traditionalism, or any related tag that will deliver the content that I crave. During one such trawl at one point, I stumbled across two articles with a similar theme to them: That Femininity is weakness.
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The Power of Choice; Setting the Record Straight on Choice Feminism

Choice Feminism is little understood in certain circles of Feminist thought; most people are under the mistaken impression that Choice Feminism believes that all choices made by a woman are Feminist choices by default; that a Woman making a choice is always making a Feminist choice by default of calling herself a Feminist. This is not, however, the case at all.  Continue reading “The Power of Choice; Setting the Record Straight on Choice Feminism”

Toeing the Middle Line; Setting the Record Straight on Centrism

It seems like in today’s political climate, Centrists are everyone’s favorite laughing stock. Admittedly, many of them (us?) might deserve it. But I want to set a few things straight about what Centrism is- and isn’t- supposed to be. Both for fellow Centrists and those who don’t quite understand what it is.

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So What if I Walk the Dog More; Setting the Record Straight on Egalitarian Marriage

Over the last few years I have stumbled across a number of articles from Traditionalists and Feminists alike, talking about “Egalitarian Marriage”. In my adventures, there seems to be two underlying trends that I’ve encountered among these articles regardless of who it is writing them: The majority of people talking about Egalitarian Marriage are unhappy with their marriages, and their authors seem to have little idea of what legitimately constitutes an Egalitarian Marriage. Continue reading “So What if I Walk the Dog More; Setting the Record Straight on Egalitarian Marriage”

My Experience with the Refine Challenge

It’s no secret that I signed up for several Challenges this year- one of which was the Refine Challenge, which was supposed to span the month of January. When I signed up, I was so excited because I haven’t found a challenge quite like it… But today an email came into my inbox announcing that the Refine Challenge would be taking a hiatus, and my first reaction- in all honesty- was to be relieved. Continue reading “My Experience with the Refine Challenge”

Foot Stomping, Etiquette, and Holiday Burnout

Christmas seems to invade everything earlier and earlier each year- so much so that I am (admittedly, rather childishly) becoming bitter about my inability to enjoy the last vestiges of Pumpkin Spice everything before it’s packed away and forgotten for another year; the Christmas decorations in our town were put up before Halloween was over, and Christmas Carols began playing on the radio before we were halfway to Thanksgiving. To be blunt, I am feeling burnt out before the Holidays even begin! Continue reading “Foot Stomping, Etiquette, and Holiday Burnout”

Hospitality and Cleanliness

The wonderful Elsie over at Sweet Baby Cadillac is discussing Hospitality this week. I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I was enjoying her little tips and suggestions- especially as someone who enjoys hosting events at her own residence (oh what I would give to have such a glorious woman over for Tea one of these days!). One thing she said really struck me, however. Continue reading “Hospitality and Cleanliness”