The Unobtainable Image of the Perfect Housewife: 3 (More) Keys to Success

When people say that the image of the perfect Housewife is unobtainable, their primary focus is almost always on the expectation that we look good doing it all. Like with doing it all in the first place, though? Looking good while doing it isn’t unrealistic or unobtainable either if it’s genuinely what you want to do. Continue reading “The Unobtainable Image of the Perfect Housewife: 3 (More) Keys to Success”


My Adventures in Lush

When I left Tulsa almost 3 years ago, now, there were a lot of stores still under construction at the Woodland Hills Mall- my favorite to shop at in the Tulsa area. I’ve only been back to Tulsa a few times since leaving, but this time I was excited to see that a Lush store had opened up in one of the areas that had previously been under renovation.  Continue reading “My Adventures in Lush”

My Cabinet Beauty Essentials

Items on this list are subject to change at a moment’s notice as I explore the world of Beauty Products. At the moment, however, here is the list of things I consider essential to my daily routine; this post isn’t sponsored by any of the companies who produce the products listed here. But i’m definitely in love with many of them at the moment. Continue reading “My Cabinet Beauty Essentials”