A Penpal Package from the Phillipines

My package from the lovely Tumblr User watercolorsinsummer came in yesterday! She sent me two really pretty liquid matte lipsticks, some Mascara, a CD Pallet, and an adorable card- along with her mailing and shipping address for future letters and packages. I’m so very excited. Continue reading “A Penpal Package from the Phillipines”

RedBubble Card Haul

The fact is that I have barely written more than 3 words at any given time since leaving High School in 2008. Most of my work is done online, and I spend more time typing than I do writing. This realization led to a sudden and intense desire to rediscover the wonderful world of handwriting.

Since January I have been prowling Penpal databases on sites like Tumblr looking to the perfect people to send snail mail to. Now, several months, one marriage, a home renovation, and a move later I am finally able to do so. To celebrate? Of course, I bought a lot of cards! Continue reading “RedBubble Card Haul”