Nature vs. Nurture, and that thing called “Maternal Instinct”

I fell down the rabbit hole again this afternoon…. Maybe it was that part of me who still laments the fact that she wasted 10 years studying to become a Midwife only to find out that it simply isn’t worth it in the US. Regardless, I am not sure how I got there but I wound up reading article after article about pregnancy and childbirth. Continue reading “Nature vs. Nurture, and that thing called “Maternal Instinct””

Brief Views on Childhood and Parenting

According to certain communities on Tumblr (most notably the Child Free community) I will be an absolutely terrible mother; I do not need to reproduce because I hold “unpopular opinions” about child rearing and parenting that are not congruent with the ideals instilled into popular society- largely by none other than the dreaded “Motherhood Cult”. Continue reading “Brief Views on Childhood and Parenting”