Genuine Communication and the Role of Negativity in Relationships

While I have moved away from calling myself things like a “Modern Gender Traditionalist” over that last year, I still participate in what is arguably a traditional marriage relationship and a traditionally female role in life. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I wrote on anything related to the Traditionalism I originally built this blog around- and for that I apologize. Things haven’t been easy over the last year, but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things soon… Starting with talking about something that bothers me quite often concerning some (unfortunately) fairly common relationship advice.

I’ve touched on it before briefly, but after reading a different article today I’ve decided to remove its mentions from the original posts, and talk about it in a post of its own; it’s an important topic that I feel needs to be addressed a bit more in depth than in passing mention. Continue reading “Genuine Communication and the Role of Negativity in Relationships”

Juggling Feminism and Tradition

Don’t Gender Traditionalism and Feminism conflict with one another? Do I still follow all societal Gender traditions? Are there some which I don’t follow anymore? If so, what are they? Why do or don’t I follow them still? These are all really good questions that I get asked on a regular basis. Surprisingly, the answer to a lot of them is a bit more simple than you would think! Continue reading “Juggling Feminism and Tradition”

Realistic Expectations in Marriage

My Husband regularly reads my blog. Occasionally I will ask for his input on certain posts I write in order to make sure that I am not misrepresenting things between us, and to make sure that I am not missing things that he feels are valuable or important; this is about the both of us, so his input is important to me.

A while back, after I found that Katja had shared my article titled “Why My Husband and I Have Never Argued” on Facebook, I asked him if he would like to read it. He did, and expressed that there was indeed something I had left out that he felt was important. That was concerning expectations in a relationships. Continue reading “Realistic Expectations in Marriage”

Marriage Should Change Nothing

My Husband and I are coming up on our one year anniversary in March and I honestly could not be happier with our arrangement… Since the moment we signed the Wedding Certificate, however, we have been bombarded with a host of questions; people have been asking us things like “so what’s it like to be married?” or “how does it feel?”.

In all honesty, I was never sure what they were expecting; I couldn’t for the life of me understand the obvious fishing… And then one day after looking at Marriage articles online I finally figured it out.
Continue reading “Marriage Should Change Nothing”

The Concept of “Dating With Purpose”

Dating culture is strange to me; the ideology that you should “date with purpose”, being picky about who you choose to date and only dating those you view as having the potential to be a future spouse. Maybe it comes from the fact that I seem to have a different ideology concerning dating than most do. Continue reading “The Concept of “Dating With Purpose””

Why My Husband and I Have Never Argued

I see so many relationships around me where I am taken aback by the way they treat one another. I find myself thinking “They’re really married?” regularly whenever I see them interact- and many of them end up divorced by the end of the year.

Most of it, I have found, has to do with how they talk to one another- and by that, I mean that they are often arguing regularly, and usually violently. As a result, I often judge the happiness and fulfillment of a couple predominantly based on how often they argue or fight with one another, how intense those fights are, and what they are about.

I can proudly say, however, that my Husband and I have never done this.  Continue reading “Why My Husband and I Have Never Argued”

Setting the Record Straight on Egalitarian Marriage

Over the last few years I have stumbled across a number of articles from Traditionalists talking about “Egalitarian Marriage”. The most recent one I have encountered discussed a study done in the Netherlands which claims to have proven that Egalitarian Marriage leads to a higher rate of divorce and low marital happiness overall. There does, however, seem to be a unifying trend among these articles… And that is that their authors seem to actually have little idea of what legitimately constitutes an Egalitarian Marriage. Continue reading “Setting the Record Straight on Egalitarian Marriage”

[Recipe] Strawberry Themed Date Night

My Husband and I planned another date for ourselves over the weekend. The goal was to go out to the lake at night for a Strawberry Themed summer picnic, some night swimming, and stargazing. It did not quite go as planned, but it was still nice! Continue reading “[Recipe] Strawberry Themed Date Night”