Stepping Up: Sourcing Your Work- and the Purpose of doing so

There is a common misconception that I’ve encountered from no less than 6 people in the last few weeks. That misconception, unfortunately, is that sourcing your work provides indisputable evidence that your belief is true or correct. Equally as unfortunate as the fact that such an idea exists in the first place, is the fact that sourcing your work does not work in such a manner. Continue reading “Stepping Up: Sourcing Your Work- and the Purpose of doing so”

Stepping Up: Why Experience is Important

Knowledge, Wisdom, Experience, Understanding, and Intelligence are funny words- meaning that we tend to think that they all mean the same thing. That conflation is often harmful to us, however, and that detrimental effect occurs when one of these attributes is questioned. In these cases, because of that conflation we often assume that it is an attack on our intelligence as a whole, not realizing that they are all different things entirely.

Continue reading “Stepping Up: Why Experience is Important”

Stepping Up: Technology, Books, and Laziness

A mild acquaintance of mine was complaining that no one ever reads the rules for the groups they join and she cannot understand why. Unfortunately she has chosen to blame it on Facebook and has taken to saying that Facebook and other Social Media (etc) platforms enable this sort of behavior. She also, apparently, blames Wikipedia “for people being lazy as far as research goes” and holds onto a hyper romanticized ideal of the worth of Libraries. Continue reading “Stepping Up: Technology, Books, and Laziness”

Stepping Up: What to (and not to) Do When Someone Tells You that You Are Wrong

No one likes to be told that they are wrong. Yet the fact of the matter is that we’re not all right all the time. A large part of growing up and maturing is recognizing this- as well as recognizing that it’s ok to be incorrect sometimes. Another large part of that process is learning how to handle being told we are wrong, and there are right ways to handle it and (of course) wrong ways to handle it. Continue reading “Stepping Up: What to (and not to) Do When Someone Tells You that You Are Wrong”