Gendered Personalities: Femininity is not Weakness

I trawl through various Feminine tags quite often- whether it’s Femininity, Feminism, Gender Traditionalism, or any related tag that will deliver the content that I crave. During one such trawl today, however, I stumbled across two articles with a similar theme to them: That Femininity is weakness.
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Juggling Feminism and Tradition

Don’t Gender Traditionalism and Feminism conflict with one another? Do I still follow all societal Gender traditions? Are there some which I don’t follow anymore? If so, what are they? Why do or don’t I follow them still? These are all really good questions that I get asked on a regular basis. Surprisingly, the answer to a lot of them is a bit more simple than you would think! Continue reading “Juggling Feminism and Tradition”

12 Questions that Every Feminist Gets Asked

I recently discovered a humorous post written by Daniella Djiogan at Written Loud, consisting of “12 Questions that Every Feminist Gets Asked“. Most of these questions, I’ll admit, are ones that even I’ve been asked. But I also see them (and others) asked of many Feminists.

However, Daniella’s post doesn’t answer them- not surprising as a post listed in the Ironic category. Still, though, I think they should be answered- and I’d like to share my personal perspective on them today. Continue reading “12 Questions that Every Feminist Gets Asked”

Setting the Record Straight on Egalitarian Marriage

Over the last few years I have stumbled across a number of articles from Traditionalists talking about “Egalitarian Marriage”. The most recent one I have encountered discussed a study done in the Netherlands which claims to have proven that Egalitarian Marriage leads to a higher rate of divorce and low marital happiness overall. There does, however, seem to be a unifying trend among these articles… And that is that their authors seem to actually have little idea of what legitimately constitutes an Egalitarian Marriage. Continue reading “Setting the Record Straight on Egalitarian Marriage”

Choice Feminism and the Power of Choice

Choice Feminism is little understood in certain circles of Feminist thought; most people are under the mistaken impression that Choice Feminism believes that all choices made by a woman are Feminist choices by default; that a Woman making a choice is always making a Feminist choice by default of calling herself a Feminist.

This is not, however, the case at all. In short, it is about not infantilizing people; it’s about upholding our inalienable right to choice and our personal agency as individuals, and recognizing our differences– as well as acknowledging the unique experiences of others. Continue reading “Choice Feminism and the Power of Choice”

Feminist Me, Part 3; The Foundation of My Beliefs

The most common retorts I get from others is that I am conservative and anti-feminist, a Natalist, and so many more which are aimed solely at incorrectly categorizing, stereotyping, and degrading me based on the surface appearance of my ideology. These are not true, however… Though at times I can certainly understand why people would think so when taking my blog and words at their surface appearance. Continue reading “Feminist Me, Part 3; The Foundation of My Beliefs”

Feminist Me, Part 2; Leaving Radical Feminism

As a popular, modified quote (inspired by something E.E. Cummings once said) goes: “The hardest battle you will ever have to fight is between who you are now and who you want to be”. The sentiment expressed in this quote is true in my own experience, and is one of the hardest lessons I have ever had to learn in my life. Continue reading “Feminist Me, Part 2; Leaving Radical Feminism”

Feminist Me, Part 1; My Years as a Radical Feminist

My first introduction to Feminism was through my parents. Despite being Conservative- and all of the problematic personality traits which they possess on occasion- my parents ultimately raised my sister and I to be relatively modern and Liberal women, Feminists, and Egalitarians. Continue reading “Feminist Me, Part 1; My Years as a Radical Feminist”