My Adventures in Lush

When I left Tulsa almost 3 years ago, now, there were a lot of stores still under construction at the Woodland Hills mall. I have only been back to Tulsa a few times since leaving, but this time I was excited to see that a Lush store had opened up. The week I went to Robber’s Cave State Park, I had the opportunity to try a couple of their products that a friend had gotten me as a gift. I didn’t love their bath bombs, but I did fall in love with their Massage Bars. Since I only just used the last of it, I wanted to pop in quickly and replace it.

Turns out you can’t really “pop in” to a store you’ve never been in when you’re a beauty and skincare buff. I wound up walking out with only 3 things- and a wallet about $35 lighter… But after using the products I can definitely say that what I bought was worth the money.  Continue reading “My Adventures in Lush”