What it Really Means to be Ladylike

Ever since I began researching Beauty (and later Febas), and its role as a spiritual Virtue in Irish Polytheism, I’ve become sort of entranced by the idea of ladyship; I’ve given it a lot of thought over the last year, and I’ve come to several conclusions about it. Most notable among these conclusions, is that the concept of ladyship that we subscribe to today is about as far removed from its historical employment as a tree is from a frog. Continue reading “What it Really Means to be Ladylike”

Stepping Up: Sourcing Your Work- and the Purpose of doing so

There is a common misconception that I’ve encountered from no less than 6 people in the last few weeks. That misconception, unfortunately, is that sourcing your work provides indisputable evidence that your belief is true or correct. Equally as unfortunate as the fact that such an idea exists in the first place, is the fact that sourcing your work does not work in such a manner. Continue reading “Stepping Up: Sourcing Your Work- and the Purpose of doing so”

Humility, Humility, Humility

Over the last few months I have been working to turn Tumblr User WhoreOfAbbadon’s “10 rules to be the Perfect Lady” (I would link to it, but she has since moved blogs and I cannot find the appropriate link on her new blog) into a personal challenge. When I first started working on it, the Challenge was supposed to be something on par with the Refine Challenge that I attempted to participate in earlier this year- and had an overall poor experience with… Since then, however, the whole thing has exploded into a complete Workbook that I intend on publishing. Continue reading “Humility, Humility, Humility”

“True Ladies” and Dealing With “Non-Constructive Criticism”

Occasionally I decide to run through the backlog of articles written by those I follow here on WordPress- and occasionally some of the articles I find horrify me. Today, that article is “Dealing with Non-Constructive Criticism” by The Classical Feminine Woman. Continue reading ““True Ladies” and Dealing With “Non-Constructive Criticism””

Niceties that aren’t Nice; Excuses as Declinations

Today I stumbled across an Etiquette blog in my Tumblr recommendations. The user goes by the name of “Proper Girl” and posts Etiquette tips and Q&A’s. I usually get very excited when I see blogs like this on Tumblr because very rarely is anything so overtly feminine found on that site without a 10 page dissertation on why it is “Anti Feminist” attached to it… 3 posts into their blog, however, I was already disappointed with their content.

Continue reading “Niceties that aren’t Nice; Excuses as Declinations”

Stepping Up: Why Experience is Important

Knowledge, Wisdom, Experience, Understanding, and Intelligence are funny words- meaning that we tend to think that they all mean the same thing. That conflation is often harmful to us, however, and that detrimental effect occurs when one of these attributes is questioned. In these cases, because of that conflation we often assume that it is an attack on our intelligence as a whole, not realizing that they are all different things entirely.

Continue reading “Stepping Up: Why Experience is Important”

Taking Pride in Your (Physical) Appearance

Beauty has been on my mind a lot recently. And that topic isn’t just on my own mind, it appears; not long ago the lovely Elsie spoke about how most (Traditionalist) Men need a Trophy Wife. Contrary to how it sounds, though, the post was about how men enjoy it when their women take pride in their appearance, and how it benefits all partners in a relationship to maintain their physical appearances to certain standards.

I bring Beauty and appearances up, however, not because of Elsie’s article- though it certainly provides some food for thought. Instead, I bring it up because recently I was asking about the historical connotations and intent behind the listing of “Beauty” as a virtue in early Irish culture and Spirituality, which those who follow me know I have recently been dumped into head first. Continue reading “Taking Pride in Your (Physical) Appearance”