From Orchard to All Out Homestead

When it came to what what my Husband and I wanted to do for the rest of our lives, we really struggled with making a decision; first we wanted to move to Florida. Then we wanted to (and almost did) move to Kentucky. Then we inherited 30 acres from my Mother-in-Law and he wanted to stay here. Then we wanted to move to Florida again. We’ve never really been able to make up our minds, but I’m happy to say that we finally have! Continue reading “From Orchard to All Out Homestead”

The Difference a Year Makes After Renovations

While the interior of the house hasn’t changed too much over the last year, some things have indeed changed. I feel like an update is in order now that we are officially past the one year mark; can you believe that a year ago we started the renovations on the house? I know it’s been hard for me to imagine it.

Continue reading “The Difference a Year Makes After Renovations”

Antique Treasures

There are a number of mom-and-pop antique shops lining main street in the downtown area of our little town. I have memories of Sunday mornings with my father discovering all their hidden little treasures before heading off to the flea market. unfortunately most of them have closed their doors over the years, but a few still remain- a good thing for my Husband and I, too. You’ll never guess what we were lucky enough to find! Continue reading “Antique Treasures”