Sometimes a Break isn’t an Option; the Importance of Essential Chores

Whether it’s the Depressive spiral I fell into after my miscarriage in June of last year, or the fact that I recently found out there is a high likelihood that I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome… Occasionally, I talk about my health problems; I’ve always been open about them- sometimes more than really necessary. And when those discussions come around, the discussion about how these things don’t make you less of a Housewife often appears alongside them- and with good reason. Continue reading “Sometimes a Break isn’t an Option; the Importance of Essential Chores”

Establishing Order: Creating Household Routines Part 2

Having the bare bones for a Routine doesn’t do much if you don’t know how to actually turn it into a routine. But to do that, first you have to know how to manage your days in the first place. This is where Time Management actually comes in. Continue reading “Establishing Order: Creating Household Routines Part 2”

Establishing Order: Creating Household Routines Part 1

I’ve talked a lot here at A Sweet and Delicate Thing about how establishing a routine is really the biggest key in succeeding at managing your household not only well, but efficiently. However, as a friend recently pointed out to me, I haven’t spoken about actually creating those routines. Continue reading “Establishing Order: Creating Household Routines Part 1”

What Makes a House a Home?

Houses are defined as a buildings for human habitation, especially one that is lived in by a family or small group of people. They provide us with shelter from the elements and a place to store our personal belongings- and a place to eat, sleep, get ready for work, relax after a hard day, and even celebrate all the little events of life. Indeed, we do so much under their roofs… Yet sometimes we tend to forget just how important they actually are; how much they provide us with, and how much their environment impacts us during the day-to-day of our lives. Continue reading “What Makes a House a Home?”

Cleaning and Maintaining Untreated Hardwood Floors

When my Husband and I began renovations on our house a year ago, almost to the day, the house was in such a state of disarray that it was almost absurd. What we didn’t expect to find, however, was gold hidden beneath a layer of carpet and linoleum. Continue reading “Cleaning and Maintaining Untreated Hardwood Floors”

How to Care for Your Tart Melters

I am a Wax Melt addict. There, I said it.

I am not making light of addiction, either. It might not actually be an addiction and I might not always walk out of a store with one every time I go shopping… But I most definitely have a compulsion to browse, buy, and hoard wax melts; I have zero willpower when it comes to them- which is how I have wound up with a collection over 60 unique scents deep (the last inventory list can be found here, and I have added to the collection since then), and running out of places to store them. Continue reading “How to Care for Your Tart Melters”

Airing it all Out (of the House)

Today is windy; According to the weather index, it is a bright and sunny 69°F with a gusty south by south west wind averaging between 26 and 45 mph- all thanks in part to a storm nicknamed “The November Witch“.

Whisper, the newest four-legged addition to our family, isn’t quite sure how to deal with the wind and has been hiding in her kennel most the day. I however, and enjoying it immensely because it is the perfect time to air the house out- though when you feel your house rock from a strong gust it can be a little disconcerting! Continue reading “Airing it all Out (of the House)”