Hiking, Etiquette, and Rules; Yes, They Exist

Park Ecosystems are sensitive and most now play host to a multitude of at risk species of both Flora and Fauna. One thing that buggers me the most about hiking, though, is disrespectful Hikers. If you go Hiking, please do me a giant favor. Continue reading “Hiking, Etiquette, and Rules; Yes, They Exist”

Penny Date Adventures

My Husband and I are introverts by nature- I more social than he, but an introvert none-the-less. As such, nights out are rare, and when we do go out we tend to prefer seclusion more than anything. That’s why when I stumbled across the “Penny Date” idea on Facebook this week I jumped at the chance to share it with him. Continue reading “Penny Date Adventures”

Osage Cove’s Eagle View Trail (Cliffside Path) at Kaw Lake

I am so absolutely elated. While the North East is gearing up for what’s supposed to be one of the worst blizzards in a while, the temperature here has been in the mid 60’s to high 70’s. Today was too perfect a day to waste, especially since we have the car back from the shop finally. As a result, we decided to go out hiking on our own after having fun Hiking with the group from Saturday. Continue reading “Osage Cove’s Eagle View Trail (Cliffside Path) at Kaw Lake”