All the Colors of the Rainbow

Tea can be a very confusing subject for those who are new to it; there’s a lot of specialized terminology that one can have a hard time grasping as a beginner, and it can make one’s initial foray into the world of Tea troubling, confusing, and oh so incredibly frustrating. The purpose of this article is to hopefully break it down into more digestible bits in order to help the newbies who are just getting their feet wet. Continue reading “All the Colors of the Rainbow”


L’Arte de Tasseography: Tips for Tea Leaf Reading

There’s more that you can do with Tea than just drinking it- like Tasseography (or Tea Leaf Reading); even if you don’t believe in Divination, Tea Leaf Reading is still an entertaining little game to play when you have friends over for afternoon Tea!
Continue reading “L’Arte de Tasseography: Tips for Tea Leaf Reading”