[Recipe] Coconut Fever

Sushi has always been one of those foods that I just can’t ever get enough of. The best roll I’ve had, though, comes from a place called Kyoto’s in Stillwater; the Okinawa Roll (as it’s known there) combines Spicy Mayonnaise, Coconut Mayonnaise, tempura fried shrimp, and a few other ingredients into what is quite possibly the most delicious combination of sweet and spicy that I’ve ever tasted. Continue reading “[Recipe] Coconut Fever”

[Recipe] A Harvest of Tomatoes Should Never Go Unused

Tomato Soup has always been one my comfort foods- and nothing, to me, screams Tomato Soup more than the Autumn and Winter Months do; it’s usually just too hot to eat Soup any any other time of the year… But when that temperature dips come September, you’d better bet that my kitchen Pantry is usually stocked with it. Continue reading “[Recipe] A Harvest of Tomatoes Should Never Go Unused”

[Recipe] Latte Madness

This week, I taught myself how to make Lattes.

Maybe it was the desire for Pumpkin Spice Lattes without anywhere to get them. Or it could have been the fact that fall in general just began- and Lattes have always been a thing for the fall. I’m not sure what exactly possessed me to look it up this week, though… But what I do know is that I have never been so happy to be incorrect about something in my life. Continue reading “[Recipe] Latte Madness”

[Recipe] A New Use of Old Habits

I am a recovered Alcoholic. My Husband is, too. Every now and then, though, we still like to have a Beer or a Shot or two. However, because of our histories we’ve always been very careful about how much Alcohol we keep in the house at any given time. The problem is that you often can’t buy just single products when you have that itch… So what do you do with the leftovers when the itch is getting a little too itchy, but you don’t want to waste your money?

Thankfully, the practice of cooking with Alcohol has a long history… And with a self proclaimed “Kitchen Goddess” in residence, it’s not very hard to move the product fast when the need arises. This has lead to everything from Guinness and Oat, and Lemon-Pepper and Carona Bread, to Tecate Chicken over the years- and each one of them has been just as delicious as the next. Continue reading “[Recipe] A New Use of Old Habits”

[Recipe] The Joy of Impulse Buys

Have you ever gone grocery shopping and wanted something so badly that you just snatch it up- only to get home and realize that it is just far too much for you to eat alone (and of course, it’s not something that your Spouse or Children enjoy)? Truth be told, this happens to me a lot more regularly than I would like to admit; I am a sucker for impulse buys, especially when it comes to fruit I can’t get my hands on very often.

The last case involved an oversized bag of Blood Oranges. I love blood Oranges on their own; they’re delicious and I can eat them all day… But eventually you get tired of them when you have so many. So they sit on the counter screaming “eat me”- and if you’re anything like me, then the thought of wasting the food horrifies you… But what on Earth are you going to do with it when it’s an unusual item that you’re just not used to dealing with? For me, the solution was a Pork Loin of all things. Continue reading “[Recipe] The Joy of Impulse Buys”

[Recipe] Recent Diet Changes

Last week, my Husband and I discovered that while we’ve been eating things like Pork and Beef… The odd Hamburger, Meatloaf, bit of sausage, and bacon aside, it’s really not our favorite thing to eat; we prefer Chicken, Fish, and lighter meats. Since then, we’ve decided to make the switch to a more Mediterranean based diet which focused on these things, and encouraged us to eat more fruits and vegetables. Continue reading “[Recipe] Recent Diet Changes”

[Recipe] Cozying up with Autumn

I am a Tea person. Coffee, while good, has never quite hit the sport for me on the same level. But there is one Season where Coffee outweighs Tea- and that, is fall… And one notable thing about fall? The overabundance of Pumpkin.

Now Women in particular get a lot of flack when it comes to all things Pumpkin Spice. It’s the stereotypical “White Girl” thing. I never understood it, though, personally… Pumpkin is such a delicious, versatile cooking ingredient that it’s easy to fall in love with. In fact, I eagerly await the Autumn season because of everything from Pumpkin Soup, to Pumpkin Pie- and yes, even the saturation of Pumpkin Spice; what I really love is Pumpkin and Coffee.

Continue reading “[Recipe] Cozying up with Autumn”

[Recipe] Southern Classics with a Twist

Biscuits and Gravy are another of those things that gets made a lot in my house. It’s a Southern Classic, in all honesty. But like with anything else, sometimes even the classics get a little boring over time. And what do you do in the Kitchen when you get bored? If you’re like me then the only solution is to experiment! One such experiment is how I wound up with Sausage Biscuits and Gravy- and it was delicious. Continue reading “[Recipe] Southern Classics with a Twist”