A Dream Come True- and A New Apron!

My Mother-in-Law is a big fan of Garage Sales, thrift Shops, and Estate Sales. A long while back, she brought home a vintage Sewing Machine from one such trip: The Estate Sale of a Woman who had died, and whose children were convinced that my Mother-in-Law should be the one to take the machine. Continue reading “A Dream Come True- and A New Apron!”


Every Housewife Needs an Apron

One of my favorite local Antique Malls occasionally has some wonderful vintage fabrics. I’ve always eyeballed them with longing, but on a visit two years ago I was lucky enough to pick some up finally: A pillow sham with a beautiful Floral print for just under a dollar. Unfortunately it was old and torn and couldn’t be repaired enough to continue using it for its intended purpose. So instead, I chose to re-purpose it as my first Apron. Continue reading “Every Housewife Needs an Apron”