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A Dream Come True- and A New Apron!

My Mother-in-Law is a big fan of Garage Sales, thrift Shops, and Estate Sales. A long while back, she brought home a vintage Sewing Machine from one such trip: The Estate Sale of a Woman who had died, and whose children were convinced that my Mother-in-Law should be the one to take the machine. Continue reading “A Dream Come True- and A New Apron!”

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The Unobtainable Image of the Perfect Housewife: 3 (More) Keys to Success

When people say that the image of the perfect Housewife is unobtainable, their primary focus is almost always on the expectation that we look good doing it all. Like with doing it all in the first place, though? Looking good while doing it isn’t unrealistic or unobtainable either if it’s genuinely what you want to do. Continue reading “The Unobtainable Image of the Perfect Housewife: 3 (More) Keys to Success”

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The Truth About the 1950’s Housewife

As a traditionally feminine woman who strives daily to perfect that stereotypical image of the 1950’s housewife, I often catch an unfortunate amount of flack from various individuals concerning every aspect of it. But while the points they make are often perfectly valid, thought provoking, and generally not wrong in many cases? They’re usually still irrelevant and show an increasing detachment from the reality of history. Continue reading “The Truth About the 1950’s Housewife”


What Makes a House a Home?

Houses are defined as a buildings for human habitation, especially one that is lived in by a family or small group of people. But one of the largest tasks of any Homemaker goes well beyond keeping a clean living environment: Transforming their beloved dwelling from a simple house to a real home.
Continue reading “What Makes a House a Home?”

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Every Housewife Needs an Apron

One of my favorite local Antique Malls occasionally has some wonderful vintage fabrics. I’ve always eyeballed them with longing, but on a visit two years ago I was lucky enough to pick some up finally: A pillow sham with a beautiful Floral print for just under a dollar. Unfortunately it was old and torn and couldn’t be repaired enough to continue using it for its intended purpose. So instead, I chose to re-purpose it as my first Apron. Continue reading “Every Housewife Needs an Apron”