5 Lies You Probably Believe About Cooking

Occasionally my friends send me posts from Tumblr, and for a moment I have to stop and laugh at the naivety of inexperienced people who definitively think they know everything.

This week’s topic is cooking. Specifically: How easy cooking from scratch actually is, and how (largely capitalism) has sold us a lie that cooking from scratch for ourselves is a luxury no one can afford. Continue reading “5 Lies You Probably Believe About Cooking”


A Lesson Learned in the Kitchen

When you grow up in a household that loves to bake and bakes often, as mine did, you learn to appreciate food. What you seldom actually learn, however, is why the chef of the family doesn’t skimp on certain things. I got a quick- and hard- lesson in the why’s a few years ago. Continue reading “A Lesson Learned in the Kitchen”