The Demands of Piety

Piety and Devotion… Devout, Reverent, Respectful… I see these words thrown a lot in certain Polytheist spheres- often as a sort of buzzword; something to be slung at people to the point that they’ve practically lost all meaning in today’s religious climate. And quite frankly? When I see someone spouting off about how pious or devout they are, I’m more inclined to believe that they’re not really as pious and devout as they claim to be. Continue reading “The Demands of Piety”

Lore vs Personal Gnosis in Religion

UPG is a common acronym used within Pagan communities. Standing for Unverified or Unverifiable Personal Gnosis, it is the personal experiences and beliefs that we hold concerning the Divine, the Universe, and everything connected with it (and which often drastically alters the way in which we perceive and approach them). Continue reading “Lore vs Personal Gnosis in Religion”

[Review] Pagan Portals: Reconstructing Irish Polytheism

Pagan Portals: Reconstructing Irish Polytheism
by Morgan Daimler

I had heard so many good things about this book; many people suggested it as a beginner’s resource and had several good aspects to point out about it. I picked it up on these recommendations and immediately set out to read it. Continue reading “[Review] Pagan Portals: Reconstructing Irish Polytheism”

Outing Pagan Abusers [NSFW]

Warning: This post contains sexually oriented topics- especially in relation to childhood abuse, child pornography, and related subjects. If you are uncomfortable with or do not with to see this sort of content, please do not click the “Read More”.

Continue reading “Outing Pagan Abusers [NSFW]”

Religious Intolerance and the Issue of Respect

I recently encountered a post on Tumblr written by the lovely Allison Lily over at Holy Wild that gave me a bit of a run-around for a moment. In the post, Lilly is speaking on why they are not offended by the Wiccan and Neo-Wiccan concept of the Threefold Law, and goes on to explain why.

Ignoring the logical fallacies and improper use of the word oppression to describe the issue, the problems I found with the article were multiple. Continue reading “Religious Intolerance and the Issue of Respect”

(RE)Defining Paganism Pt 3: Proposing A New Definition of Paganism

In Problematic Pagan Definitions, I talked about the current definitions of Paganism- both Dictionary and Community- and broke down the problems with each definition. Those problems ranged from archaic usages no longer relevant to modern society, to full blown racism, to improper generalization and a failure to represent all ideals under the Umbrella- which is, let’s face it, a difficult task to accomplish. Continue reading “(RE)Defining Paganism Pt 3: Proposing A New Definition of Paganism”

(RE)Defining Paganism Pt 2: The Importance of Labels

I see it a lot in the community that people will say “why do we need Labels?”. It is usually said in a misguided attempt to encourage cohesiveness and acceptance among community members by reducing violence associated with the religious labels that one takes. Unfortunately it is misguided, especially when it comes to a religious umbrella that is so wide and diverse as the Pagan and Witchcraft umbrellas are. Continue reading “(RE)Defining Paganism Pt 2: The Importance of Labels”

(RE)Defining Paganism Pt 1.5: The Conflation of Witchcraft and Religion

The most common materials for learning about Witchcraft are those found in the New-Age section of most book stores alongside books about UFO sightings, Angels, and more. The problem I have with most of these books is something I have pointed out multiple time: Conflation and inaccurate definitions. Continue reading “(RE)Defining Paganism Pt 1.5: The Conflation of Witchcraft and Religion”

(RE)Defining Paganism Pt 1.4: Theism vs. Religion vs. Spirituality

I become so frustrated, sometimes, when navigating the ins and outs of Pagan groups and communities. It hardly ever matters if it’s on the web, or in person, the same issues crop up every time. Most notable, and probably personally annoying to me, is the lack of ability of Pagans to distinguish between tree different things: “Theism”, “Spirituality”, and “Religion”. Continue reading “(RE)Defining Paganism Pt 1.4: Theism vs. Religion vs. Spirituality”