Ending 2015 on a Bad Note

I didn’t expect to have so many health issues so close to the end of the year, but that seems to be exactly what happened.

It was mostly pretty standard: I had the Flu (which I’m still recovering from), and my Tooth started hurting again. I had the tooth removed after a bit of cajoling from my Husband. And at first it went fine- untill suddenly it didn’t and I wound up in the Emergency Room for the first time in years.  Continue reading “Ending 2015 on a Bad Note”


My Mistake Was Thinking it Couldn’t Get Any Worse

Almost everything for the Wedding is finally set up for next week and I am so unbelievably excited- even if it has definitely been one crazy, bumpy road for us; no one can seem to understand (or care) that it’s our day and we want to do things our way. Continue reading “My Mistake Was Thinking it Couldn’t Get Any Worse”