Let’s Play 20 Questions

The wonderful Courtney of At Home with DaynesWife recently posted this group of questions and invited her readers to answer them for themselves (after reading her own answers, of course). I’m suck a sucker for Q&As, and couldn’t resist… Plus, it’s been such a long time since I did anything like this. And with earlier’s post being a bit of a downer, I could use a bit of a perk. Continue reading “Let’s Play 20 Questions”


Why A Homemaker?

A long while back now, I wrote a post about why I do what I do- referring to being a Homemaker and Stay at Home Wife. That post was written in response to a young lady (who has since deleted her blog) who had an almost terrifying vehemence towards Housewives that I am all too familiar with, having been that exact type of person with those exact views in the past.  Continue reading “Why A Homemaker?”

Foot Stomping, Etiquette, and Holiday Burnout

Christmas seems to invade everything earlier and earlier each year- so much so that I am (admittedly, rather childishly) becoming bitter about my inability to enjoy the last vestiges of Pumpkin Spice everything before it’s packed away and forgotten for another year; the Christmas decorations in our town were put up before Halloween was over, and Christmas Carols began playing on the radio before we were halfway to Thanksgiving. To be blunt, I am feeling burnt out before the Holidays even begin! Continue reading “Foot Stomping, Etiquette, and Holiday Burnout”

Antique Treasures

There are a number of mom-and-pop antique shops lining main street in the downtown area of our little town. I have memories of Sunday mornings with my father discovering all their hidden little treasures before heading off to the flea market, and they’re among some of my most cherished memories from my childhood. Unfortunately most of them have closed their doors over the years, but a few still remain- a good thing for my Husband and I, too. You’ll never guess what we were lucky enough to find today! Continue reading “Antique Treasures”