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In an effort to be wholly transparent, there are a few short, but very important things which you should know before choosing to read or otherwise participate in discussion on my blog.

Your Privacy

A Sweet and Delicate Thing will never ask you for your login information or personally identifying information of a sensitive nature outside of what is required by WordPress themselves in order to allow you to sign up, log in, comment, subscribe, or otherwise interact with our posts or their platform. Before providing such information, always check your page URLs to determine their safety and validity. If you are unsure as to the validity of the URL, do not provide any information. Contact WordPress support immediately.

A Sweet and Delicate Thing does not store any information about your visit to this blog other than 1. What is collected and stored by WordPress themselves, or 2. What is collected and stored by short links created by us. In both cases, the information gathered is strictly for the purpose of monitoring site traffic and generalized user statistics. Such statistical information gathering may be reliant on the use of browser cookies to function. Click here to learn more about Browser Cookies; you can turn off the use of cookies at anytime by changing your specific browser settings: Google, Firefox, SafariInternet Explorer, Opera.

A Sweet and Delicate Thing does not share any information we obtain from you with third parties of any sort. We are not, however, responsible for any information which you have personally made publicly available (via your own profiles, comments, etc) and cannot guarantee that it will remain isolated solely to our site.

Redirect and Affiliate Links

Some posts on A Sweet and Delicate Thing may contain shortened redirect links (such as in this post)These shortened redirect links are always created using URL Shortener services, and are exclusively used for the purpose of monitoring site traffic and collecting generalized user statistics for external resources I host elsewhere (see Your Privacy for more details).

Some posts on A Sweet and Delicate Thing may contain affiliate links. These links will always be clearly labeled with the [Affiliate] tag. This means that if you click on one of these affiliated links and end up buying the product it is linked to, A Sweet and Delicate Thing will earn a small commission on your purchase. Earning a commission from your purchase of these products, however, will never alter our opinions of the products (see Sponsored Content for more details)

Sponsored Content

Some posts on A Sweet and Delicate Thing may be sponsored by specific brands or publishers, etc. In some of these cases I may receive financial compensation for doing so (see Redirect and Affiliate Links for more details), and in others I may simply receive a free product (usually in exchange for a review). In all cases, any post titles for articles of these types will begin with the [Sponsored] tag.

Despite the occasional appearance of what may be deemed as sponsored content, however? Sponsored content will never influence the content, topics or posts made on this blog- except concerning review articles which are directly associated with these items. Furthermore, any and all views expressed about the products I receive will never be impacted by the fact that I may occasionally receive compensation for the items reviewed; I will not post a positive review of something simply because I was paid to review an item- nor will I accept a sponsorship for an item I have not personally used and do not believe in (books are the only exception to this). To do so would be both misleading and unfair to readers. Ergo, I pledge to my readers that I will always keep such reviews and articles honest, and based wholly in my genuine opinion of and experiences with these items (see General Content for more details).

For more information concerning my Book Review Policy specifically, please see its associated page; if you would like to contact me for Sponsored content or reviews, email me directly at

General Content

In all cases, the articles on A Sweet and Delicate Thing are wholly written and edited by me; I will never have guest posters or reblog content from others.

As a personal Blog first and foremost, any views and ideologies expressed on A Sweet and Delicate Thing are completely my own and are not always representative of the views of others with the same interests or affiliations, etc. Any opinions or views expressed within my posts are my personal opinions and views and should never be taken as anything else- nor should they ever be construed as speaking for others in lieu of their own voices.

I encourage my readers to practice Responsible Readership. This includes doing your own independent research, gaining your own experiences with these subjects, and ultimately coming to your own conclusions in all things.

Comments and Pingbacks

Likes, Comments, and Pingbacks to A Sweet and Delicate Thing (whether good or bad) are always appreciated and encouraged. I want to hear from my readers regardless of whether or not they disagree with me on a subject, and your input is invaluable! One thing to keep in mind before choosing to do so, however, is that all blog comments here on A Sweet and Delicate Thing are moderated with a heavy and indiscriminate hand, and absolutely no shame on my part.

I do not mind debates or others questioning my logic and ideologies. I don’t believe that we can learn and grow as individuals without it- and ideological and personal growth is deeply important to me. But while I appreciate (respectful, mature, and intelligent) feedback and do not mind such criticism, disagreements, or debate? I simply do not deal with intentionally inflammatory people; if you have nothing genuinely constructive to add to the conversation- or cannot at least air your grievances it in a respectful, mature, and intelligent manner? Then I respectfully ask you not to comment on or ping-back to my posts.

Last edited on 08.08.2017
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