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In an effort to be wholly transparent, there are a few short, but very important things which you should know before choosing to read or otherwise participate in discussion on my blog.


Occasionally I may do a sponsored review of a product, service, book, or other item wherein I receive financial compensation for doing so. All post titles for articles of these types will end with [Sponsored].

Occasionally I may also receive free items in exchange for review, but will not receive financial compensation for doing so. Posts with such content will not be labeled in the title. They will, however, contain a disclaimer within the body of the post notifying you that this is the case.

Despite the occasional appearance of what may be deemed as sponsored content, however, first and foremost this is a personal blog. Sponsored content, therefore, will never influence the content, topics or posts made on this blog- except concerning review articles which are directly associated with these items.

If you would like to contact me for Sponsored content or reviews, please use the Contact Form on my Website– or email me directly at


As a personal Blog first and foremost, any views and ideologies expressed here are completely my own.

I will never have guest posters, and in all cases the articles here are wholly written and edited by me. As a result, any opinions or views expressed within them are my personal opinions and views. This is true regardless of whether or not they are views concerning items, practices, or the beliefs of others- or are founded in heavy research, experience, or other things. As such, they should never be taken as anything else.

Additionally, these views (in terms of Sponsored reviews specifically) will never be impacted by the fact that I may occasionally receive compensation for the items reviewed; I will not post a positive review of something simply because I was paid to review an item. It is misleading and would not be fair to you, the readers, to do so.

Likewise, these views expressed here are not always representative of other members of the various communities with which I am involved, producers of products I use, users who may be featured or quoted here, other people with similar experiences, and so on and so forth. They are their own people, and no views expressed here should ever be considered speaking for them in lieu of their own voices.


This is not a space where it is “my way or the highway“- though I certainly demand respect and consideration because you are in my space, so to speak; I am not your mother, and you are not sheep. I am one person in a sea of 7 Billion and rising (just like you), and each of us has our own unique desires, needs, and experiences. As a result, while I may think that there are benefits in what I do, I do not want or encourage anyone to be exactly like me; to believe what I do, wear what I do, behave the way that I do, participate in what I do, and so on and so forth.

Instead, I encourage my readers to practice Responsible Readership. This includes doing your own independent research, gaining your own experiences with these subjects, and ultimately coming to your own conclusions in all things- regardless of whether or not I disagree with or otherwise contradict them. Because of this, in order to practice responsible readership I encourage my readers to do two main things.

The first is to verify (through me directly) that the words others say I speak are indeed my own words. Likewise, is to verify (through them directly) the words which I say others speak. Additionally, any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, publisher, provider, or other party in question. The second is that I actively encourage (respectful, mature, and intelligent) contradiction and discourse among my readers-

In all cases where it is possible or relevant, I will do my duty (both as the claim maker, and the author) to assist you in verifying those claims. And I will do so by providing the appropriate links to the sources I derived them from, by providing screenshots, or by providing any other information that I can… And if at any point a claim that I have made about a product is false or I have misattributed statistics or claims, then I encourage my readers to please let me know so that the associated article may be corrected as soon as I am able. This applies to the incorrect assertions or statements of others as well.


If you liked an article, comments expressing support or enjoyment are always welcomed! Likewise, if you would like to hear me cover a specific topic, comments asking for that topic are very appreciated!

Ping-Backs for articles you have written in response to my pieces, or in articles where you have quoted or spoken about me (good or bad) are greatly appreciated. If you are writing an article on a non-Wordpress platform, however, please be aware that they do not always automatically ping-back to my post when you link it. In these cases please be kind and comment on the post you linked to, linking back to your article.

However, one thing to keep in mind before choosing to do so, is that all blog comments here on A Sweet and Delicate Thing are set to be manually approved- even if you, the user, have commented on my blog before; all comments will be moderated with a heavy and indiscriminate hand, and absolutely no shame on my part.

I do not mind debates or others questioning my logic and ideologies. I do not believe that we can learn and grow as individuals without it- and ideological and personal growth is deeply important to me. But while I appreciate (respectful, mature, and intelligent) feedback and do not mind such criticism, disagreements, or debate? I simply do not deal with intentionally inflammatory people; if you have nothing genuinely constructive to say- or cannot at least say it in a respectful, mature, and intelligent manner- then I respectfully ask you not to comment on or ping-back to my posts.

If you chose to do so despite this and any comment or ping-back is, in any way, taken by me to be intentionally rude, condescending, inflammatory, etc? It will likely not be posted. This is not an act of intentional censorship in an effort to silence all those who disagree with me, however. It is simply because, as the blog author and sole creator of this space, I reserve this right– and I reserve the right to do so without any prior notice being given.


This blog does not share personal information with third parties. I also do not store any information about your visit to this blog other than what is collected and stored by WordPress themselves for the use of site traffic statistics. This statistical information gathering may be reliant on the use of browser cookies. You can turn off the use of cookies at anytime by changing your specific browser settings.

We are not, however, responsible for any content- including your comments- which are republished from this blog onto other blogs or websites around the internet.

Last edited on 06.06.2017 for clarity
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