Eating: Fried What, Now?

Most times when it comes to shopping in a rural town, you don’t stumble across anything too interesting. But occasionally you’ll find a gem that you’ve never tried before. That was the case for me this week when I found a  pack of Guavas at my local supermarket- and for just $3 USD. Continue reading “Eating: Fried What, Now?”

Tips & Tricks

5 Lies You Probably Believe About Cooking

Occasionally my friends send me posts from Tumblr, and for a moment I have to stop and laugh at the naivety of inexperienced people who definitively think they know everything.

This week’s topic is cooking. Specifically: How easy cooking from scratch actually is, and how (largely capitalism) has sold us a lie that cooking from scratch for ourselves is a luxury no one can afford. Continue reading “5 Lies You Probably Believe About Cooking”


Let’s Play 20 Questions

The wonderful Courtney of At Home with DaynesWife recently posted this group of questions and invited her readers to answer them for themselves (after reading her own answers, of course). I’m suck a sucker for Q&As, and couldn’t resist… Plus, it’s been such a long time since I did anything like this. And with earlier’s post being a bit of a downer, I could use a bit of a perk. Continue reading “Let’s Play 20 Questions”


Changes to Religious Content

I know that there are a lot of followers who come here to read my writings on Irish Polytheism. Many of you have branched out to read other topics that I post about, but it’s undeniable that- for some of you- the religious content is the sole reason why you read my blog in the first place. Unfortunately it is this group of readers whom my latest decisions will impact, here. Continue reading “Changes to Religious Content”


Honor and Equality: Conundrum or Triviality?

In her own little recesses of the internet, a friend of mine posted a breathtakingly and poignant article today talking about enech, or “face”- the concept we tend to call honor, as it applies to Irish faith. It got me thinking about what Honor actually is, and how it applies in a modern context. Continue reading “Honor and Equality: Conundrum or Triviality?”


Why A Homemaker?

A long while back now, I wrote a post about why I do what I do- referring to being a Homemaker and Stay at Home Wife. That post was written in response to a young lady (who has since deleted her blog) who had an almost terrifying vehemence towards Housewives that I am all too familiar with, having been that exact type of person with those exact views in the past.  Continue reading “Why A Homemaker?”


The Complexity of Being

I trawl through various Feminine tags quite often- whether it’s Femininity, Feminism, Gender Traditionalism, or any related tag that will deliver the content that I crave. During one such trawl at one point, I stumbled across two articles with a similar theme to them: That Femininity is weakness.
Continue reading “The Complexity of Being”


How to Take Care of Your First Camping Supply Box

Yesterday I talked about how to put together a basic Camping Supply Box– and what basic items you’ll generally need in it. But there are a few things I missed, that I’d like to go over with you today. Namely about what not to put into your box, how to keep it organized, and how to care for it even while you’re not camping. Continue reading “How to Take Care of Your First Camping Supply Box”