Make Room For What You Love

Hello! My name’s Anna. A Sweet and Delicate Thing is my place to share my adventures in Family, Faith, Homemaking- and sometimes their intersection; I started this blog several years ago in order to write about my thoughts and passions on this amazing thing that we call the internet… And boy, are there a lot of them.

I’m an Artist, Photographer, and Author by heart. But I’m also a Homemaker, Vintage Enthusiast, self-professed Kitchen Goddess, Plant Nerd, and an Irish Polytheist; at 27, I live in the American South with my Husband and our 6 wonderful pets. We’re an active family with the big goal of turning 40 acres into a fully functioning Homestead and Orchard.

Meet the Family!

Whether you’re here to hear my thoughts on being a lady, check out some of my Photography, learn how I’ve survived two years with untreated wood floors, or simply snag a Free Gift, I hope that you’ll feel right at home on my blog. I know that plenty of others have; over the years A Sweet and Delicate Thing has completely exceeded whatever I thought possible, and I’m so excited that you’ve taken an interest in reading it too.

So feel free to look around- or strike up a conversation (just make sure to read my Blog Policies first)! It’s great to have you here, and we hope you stick around.

Last edited on 08.07.2017
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