Changes to Religious Content

I know that there are a lot of followers who come here to read my writings on Irish Polytheism. Many of you have branched out to read other topics that I post about, but it’s undeniable that- for some of you- the religious content is the sole reason why you read my blog in the first place. Unfortunately it is this group of readers whom my latest decisions will impact, here.

I had no idea at the beginning of the year that I’d be sitting on the floor in the middle of what can only be accurately described as a full blown spiritual crisis. But that’s exactly where I’m at right now; over the last few months I’ve occupied a sort of “No man’s land” when it comes to my faith. Put simply, I’m occupying a boat set adrift in open sea with no sight of land for miles; I am lost.

The fact of the matter is that, since meeting my Husband several years ago, I’ve felt called back to the faith I grew up in: Christianity; it’s not anything that he’s contributed to directly outside of humoring me with theological discussions on several spiritual topics (not all of which were related to his own faith). But there’s a pull there that I can’t deny. In fact, I have to recognize now that it’s always been there… I’ve simply ignored it over the years. And to complicate matters surrounding this, I’ve been struggling with the fact that I am oathbound to certain members of the Irish Pantheon and feel as if Irish Polytheism is my spiritual home (for lack of better terminology).

To put things simply: It’s an incredibly confusing and emotional time for me at best… And unfortunately it’s not something that can be easily remedied; I feel as if I need to re-evaluate my beliefs from the ground up at the moment, and that takes a lot of both energy and time.

This week I made attempts to repost several of the IriPol articles that I took down when I began to restructure my blog; I’ve had ever intent of reposting them but was more concerned with other content people expressed wanting to see more of- like cooking and Homemaking. What I realized in doing so, however, was that I’m simply not comfortable having them up while I’m in such a disoriented place in regards to my spirituality and faith.

For that reason I’m temporarily removing- and refraining from posting more- content oriented in that direction. Likewise, The Gaelic Roundtable will be on hiatus until such a time that my re-evaluation is complete, or I find someone reliable and consistent who can take it over in a manner that retains the original spirit of the project. And I hope you’ll understand.

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