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The Unobtainable Image of the Perfect Housewife: 3 (More) Keys to Success

When people say that the image of the perfect Housewife is unobtainable, their primary focus is almost always on the expectation that we look good doing it all. Like with doing it all in the first place, though? Looking good while doing it isn’t unrealistic or unobtainable either if it’s genuinely what you want to do.

According to most, it’s sexist to expect those around us to look well put together to even basic standards. This is doubly so if the person you are expecting to look nice and cleanly is a woman… But to the same people it’s also considered unrealistic and impossible altogether; another thing that no woman can actually achieve in their eyes.

But while this has its own elements of truth to it, this too is ultimately a lie. Indeed, a good portion of managing it hearkens back to two of the three keys I spoke about in an earlier article: Personal Enjoyment, Time Management, and a good Routine.

Like with everything, though, this is not for everyone. For some it is legitimately impossible to obtain. Others simply don’t wish to try- and all of that is perfectly fine; if making aesthetics an important part of your routine is not something that you care to do or place emphasis on as a Housewife, then feel free to disregard this post. But if it’s something you are interested in? This post is for you- and there are 3 more keys i believe will make your life much easier.

The 10-to-15 Minute Rule

For this to work, you absolutely must know what your personal aesthetic priorities are. In other words, what are your “absolute musts” that have to be completed before you consider yourself put together or well groomed  for the day? Are you the type of person who refuses to leave the house without at least a touch of mascara or lipstick? The woman who must be wearing Perfume before she thinks she is acceptable, regardless of the state of the rest of her? Or is a clean face and well groomed brows all you need?

Once you have established your priorities, work on whittling your routine down until it takes you just 10 or 15 minutes (or less, even) to complete it in its entirety… With everything we consider essential today, however, you might say that 10 to 15 minutes to get dressed, do your hair, and do your makeup (if you choose to do all three) is asinine; an impossible task to accomplish for anyone.

I have found, however, that just being well organized and simplifying your routine works well enough. And with enough planning- and trial and error- it’s certainly something that you can make work if you’re interested in making it work in the first place.

Fitting it into your larger routine

If you actively want to take steps to looking nicer on a daily average, then whittling your routine into something that can be accomplished in only 10 to 15 minutes does nothing unless you can perform it regularly.

Accomplishing it regularly is best done when you find a place in your routine to incorporate it as if it were just another daily task on your perpetual to-do list. In my own experience, the mornings work best for me. But for you it may be after you’ve gotten the housework complete for the day, before you leave the house for errands, or even after you have had your morning coffee.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter where you work it into your routine. But wherever you put it, don’t just plop it anywhere. Instead, assimilate it seamlessly into your routine in a logical, flowing manner that is easy to remember and complete on most days. when you do, you’ll find that you have far less an issue doing it.

Make it a habit

Though closely related to adding it to your routine, making it a habit is also important.

Simply adding it to your routine does nothing if you are skipping it every other day- ergo, if you enjoy it and want to regularly perform it, it must also become a habit that you participate in frequently. The easiest way to do this is to simply not skimp on it- especially not at first; even if you feel that you emotionally unmotivated to do it, it’s still important to force yourself to do so.

Often times, even, I’ve actually found that forcing myself to perform the aesthetic portion of my routine even when I feel badly helps to lift my mood and give me the emotional gumption I need to complete the rest of my daily tasks; a lot really can be said about the psychological good that looking put together can do for your motivation and confidence.

More than these, though, is the importance of staying healthy. Adequately hydrating yourself, eating well, exercising regularly, and properly learning to take care of your body on the overall biological, aesthetic, and other levels is the core component to looking (and feeling) great in may ways. These, however, are not just limited to a 10 to 15 minute daily routine, but are lifestyle changes that must be considered and maintained for optimal health- which also happen to do wonders for your appearance as an enjoyable byproduct.

And on another note, Jen but never Jenn has become a guilty pleasure of mine. There is an interesting series on her blog where the author attempted (temporarily) to live legitimately according to 1950’s lifestyle advice in 2010. The author writes candidly and humorously about her experiences- and you can view her articles concerning beauty and appearance (and her experiences with them) here and here. It’s definitely worth the read if you have the time!

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