[Sponsored] Reviewing: The Science of Cooking

The Science of Cooking: Every Question Answered to Perfect Your Cooking” authored by Dr. Stuart Farrimond

34350289This review was made possible by NetGalley, who provided a Digital Advanced Release Copy for review (DARC); my review of the material may not wholly reflect the final product upon its publication.

Y’all… I may have found the holy grail of food books- and it combines two of my favorite things: Food and Science… And oh boy, does this book have science in metric tonnes; it literally covers almost anything topic you can think about.

Ok, well it doesn’t actually cover everything. Admittedly when it comes to information about kitchen utensils and the like, my favorite is still the Bridal Edition of The Good Housekeeping Cookbook. But if you’re a Science or food nerd, this book has everything you’re ultimately looking for to satiate your mental cravings (and maybe help you satiate those food cravings, too); from front to back, this book is not only visually stunning… But also jammed packed with scientifically backed information about an incredibly wide variety of food related topics- whether it’s busting common food myths (like Searing meat to keep the flavor in), to finally shedding light on why white meats are always compared to Chicken, and what base components make the best sauce.

Of course, though, it would catch my heart opening with a line like “every cook knows that preparing food for others can bring a joy that is even more fulfilling than eating“; way to tug at my heart strings early on, Dr. Farrimond. But what probably solidified my love for this book was actually this little part:

Writing in informal language and with minimal jargon, my aim is for you, the reader to understand more of the science of food and cooking to help lift the lid on [your] creativity.

One of the major pitfalls of Science and Academia is that it’s simply not accessible to civilians; jargon and specialized knowledge has long since kept good, legitimate scientific and academic work out of the hands of your average person- and it’s also lead to gaps in how much the average person is willing to trust those in such professions. For someone to make every effort to write in plain language? That can go a long way in bridging this gap- and it makes me incredibly happy that this book (a book about food- one of the most important and time honored building blocks of community and society- no less) makes every effort to do so.

If you’re curious, if you’re nerdy, or if you just plain like food then I’d definitely recommend picking this book up as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.Signature Blue


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