Updates and Changes

You might notice more than a few blog posts missing (all of them, really), and things being rearranged around here.

Over the course of the last month or so, I’ve realized how far this blog has come since I first started it. I’m incredibly proud of it and what I’ve managed to build here; singularly, it’s been one of my best accomplishments over the last few years and I’m ecstatic to have so many sharing my journey with me, who are genuinely interested in what I write about. And yet the fact of the matter is that you all deserve better- both from me, and from this blog.

Simply put, this blog is a bit of a hot mess in some of the worst ways; most of the posts here are old, out of date, and poorly written. Indeed, several of the posts, and the subjects I’ve written about, could have been tackled in a better manner; overall, A Sweet and Delicate Thing is not meeting my expectations. It’s falling short of the quality that I want to produce, and I want to put forth more effort (a better effort) when it comes to my blogging.

To do that I need to “take out the trash and sweep up the cobwebs” so to speak. As a result, for the time being I am removing the majority of my posts from this blog. As time goes on, the posts will be rewritten and re-added to the blog along with new content. In the meantime, however, I ask that you graciously fill out my Reader Survey. The average time to complete it is about 3 minutes, and the results will greatly help me in the coming months as I get everything sorted back out and republished; your input is incredibly important to me as my readers.

Thank you all for being here with me. I hope you’ll check back periodically to see how things are progressing; some of the “new” old posts are already up- including a few that never got published. It won’t be long now until everything is back in operating order!Signature Blue


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