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Reviewing: Declutter and Simplify

Declutter and Simplify: Housewife Declutter Project” authored by Vicki Lindsey

29639609I got the majority of the way through this (95% on Kindle) before finally giving up on it; I’ve read a lot of cheap Amazon Books before, and low quality is honestly pretty par for the course. This book is no exception to that, unfortunately.

The book is riddled every which way with poor grammar; missing, incomplete, or incorrect words; broken sentences; and more Overall it makes for a slow, disjointed read; they honestly couldn’t even be bothered to substitute their own name in the [Author Name Here] section of the legalese in the beginning, either… And while that’s certainly a ridiculous nitpick that doesn’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things? It is still vaguely annoying to me and shows how little effort was really put into editing this book.

Writing, unfortunately, isn’t the only place that I find a lot of fault with it. Similarly, the format makes little sense either.

Don’t get me wrong, it starts off relatively strong with decent, psychologically backed reasons for decluttering your space (though I’d have honestly liked to see these claims backed up with sources or elaborated on). But after that, the chapters follow in order: “Organizing a single room house” (Ch. 2), “Storage tips for a small bedroom” (Ch. 3), then the “step by step for decluttering each room in your house” (Ch. 4), “obstacles and how to overcome them” (Ch. 5), and finally, “Strategies to Simplify and Organize your House” (Ch. 6).

Needless to say, the book kind of falls apart after the first chapter; the remaining ones bounce around without any flow, logic, or cohesion what so ever. Many of them honestly could have been combined with one another to provide larger, more in depth chapters. Others, like the “Storage Tips for Small Bedrooms” chapter, were strangely out of place without attention equally paid (and applied) to the other areas of the house. Altogether I actually found its own lack of organization a bit ironic given that it’s a book about organizing and decluttering your space in the first place. I would honestly expect something about organization to… Well… Be well organized itself.

With all of that being said, however, I couldn’t find anything on the Author herself to know whether this is an actual case of “another author didn’t put any legitimate effort into their book” (which counts against it, in my opinion), or “English isn’t the author’s first language” (which is something that I try to go much easier on). And for all its issues it’s not exactly a bad book… It’s just not what I would in any way consider a quality one.

Could it have been written better? Absolutely. Could it have been formatted better? Definitely. Does it ultimately also need more content? Certainly (there just isn’t enough of it)… But if the author were to write it more cohesively so that it actually made sense, fixed the egregious language and writing errors, and bulked up the content a bit more? Then I don’t actually think that it would make for a bad read (though it would certainly still be a short one, unfortunately).Signature Blue


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