[Sponsored] Reviewing: Arab Cooking on a Prairie Homestead

Arab Cooking on a Prairie Homestead: Recipes and Recollections from a Syrian Pioneer” authored by Habeeb Salloum


This review was made possible by NetGalley, who provided a Digital Advanced Release Copy for review (DARC); my review of the material may not wholly reflect the final product upon its publication.

This is the second edition of the same book, brought out of retirement and republished in light of current events in Syria; as a republication, it now includes a secondary Introduction by the original author.

I can’t praise this book enough, to be quite honest. It combines two of my favorite things: History, and food; the book is absolutely beautifully done and combines traditional Arabic recipes with historical insight not only into the author’s family, but also the contributions of Arabic Settlers to the Americas. Not only did I learn quite a bit from this book, but the recipes sound absolutely amazing. I will definitely not be getting rid of it any time soon and will likely be making quite a few recipes from it.

If I had any complaints about it, however, it would be that I dislike the blue film placed over many (if not all) of the pictures in the book. I think it detracts from them in a manner that makes them far less enjoyable than they could have been. In some places, too, little tips or modifications recur more than necessary. Still, it’s a wonderful book and I highly recommend it. Especially if you enjoy food, history, and the history of food like I do.Signature Blue


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