Music Monday: RVLS, Anavae, PVRIS

I’m a sucker for female fronted rock bands of various stripes. I don’t know why, but I just am. Groups like Halestorm and Paramore, however, are already relatively well known. This week, I thought I’d share some equally interesting female fronted, Rock Dominant Bands with somewhat similar sounds.


Hailing from Lowell, Massachusetts, in the United States, PVRIS was formed in 2012. Initially they were known as Operation Guillotine and had a different lineup (and a much different sound). Eventually Lyndsey Gunnulfsen took over vocals and they switched musical direction before changing their name to Paris– later stylizing it as PVRIS (though it’s pronounced the same still). They’re one of those random bands I found at 2am on another one of my forays into the realm of Youtube Music Videos, and I can’t say I’m disappointed.

Sure, What’s Wrong, doesn’t initially strike you as a traditional Rock song. My House is more what you would expect, but the differences are still evident; they incorporate a lot of Electronic / Pop into their sound, and some songs are heavier on that than others… But that’s actually what I love about them: They have a varied enough sound that it keeps them interesting, with just enough cohesiveness that you still know it’s them. And that rock sound, of course, is still present- especially in songs like Fire.


Discovering RVLS (Los Angeles, California, United States), I’ll admit, was a complete accident… I’m not entirely sure how on Earth I wound up on their cover of Heathens by Twenty One Pilots, but I was hooked pretty much instantly; it’s usually hard for me to enjoy covers of newer songs. And I don’t necessarily enjoy it more than the original, but I still have to admit that there’s something a bit Visceral about  RVLS’ version of the song.

Other songs of theirs are just as impressive… And not only are they impressive, they’re just varied enough- though not at much as PVRIS’ sound. This Water Seems Shallow, for instance, reminds me a lot of TAT’s sound: A little Punky, a little Rocky, and a little gritty. And while that’s usually a hard sound to pull off as a Female vocalist- unless you’re Brody Daley or Tatiana DeMaria- Katie Wolfe does it well. But it’s their song Pyramid that really illustrates their talent and capability for variety.


Based out of London, England, and formed in 2011, Anavae is a group I actually found while looking on LAST.FM for bands similar to the above two.

With songs like Aeon (softer) and Feel Alive (pop / electronic), they seem a little less Rock oriented than the others (in that they’re not quite as Hard Rock when they really punch it). And their songs Invaesion and Storm Chaser sit somewhere in between. But like the others, these songs illustrate a capability for an interesting variety in sound that I enjoy; Anti-Faith, especially, has a great vibe to it- and a wonderfully done music video which actually reminds me a bit of Imagine Dragon’s video for their song Gold. In fact, it’s probably my favorite of all of their songs; her voice just has an incredibly haunting quality for me, and it’s such a well done song in my opinion.


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