July Book Haul

It’s been quite a while since I picked up a new book haul focused on Housekeeping and Housewifery; for a while, there, there simply wasn’t anything interesting being added to the Kindle store and I didn’t feel like spending more than $3 USD on a book. Tonight I got the bug, however, and picked a few up. So here’s my July book haul (plus two I’ve been reading for a bit now)- even though I still haven’t reviewed most of the ones I’ve read!

I’ve been reading Kelly Williams Brown’s work for a while since a friend of mine reblogged some of her content on Tumblr before I shut my accounts down. I won’t spoil it, but I will say that her work is interesting. However, I have never heard of  Kate Singh before. But since I currently have a 30 day free trial of Kindle Prime, I figured I’d pick some of them up. Alison May, on the other hand, I’ve enjoyed in the past. Now I’m hoping that her books meet my expectations.

What I’m most excited to crack into, though, is the 1940’s housekeeping book; while there are a plethora of Housekeeping Manuals from the 1900’s and earlier, it’s so incredibly hard to find quality books on the 1930’s through the 1950’s. To this date, A 1950′s Housewife by Sheila Hardy is the best I’ve read… But it’s more a historical account of the 1950’s than an actual era specific Housekeeping Manual. Needless to say that I’m very excited- and have incredibly high expectations for- this book.

Their additions to the reading list compliment several others I’ve purchased- focusing on Botany and Homesteading- and whose reviews are scheduled for the following months.

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