Cann Memorial Botanical Gardens

The first year that my Husband and I were together (dating, that is) he introduced me to an Herb Festival that takes place every year on the grounds of the Cann Memorial Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately the festival occurred much too early in the year for me to see any of the flowers.

Since the Herb Festival, my Husband has vowed year after year to take me back when the flowers are actually in bloom. Unfortunately it just never happened for us; there were always other things to do that always seemed more important- like going to the Lake, Hiking, working on the Homestead, or just lounging around the house after a particularly grueling week. Yesterday, however, the wait was finally over; three years is a long time to wait on a visit to the Memorial Gardens, but we finally got the chance- and it was well worth it.

There are two pavilions, a nice patio area, and another smaller seating space there that provide plenty of opportunity to sit down and take a break. They’re much needed, too; overall the grounds are fairly large- taking up approximately two or more blocks (though honestly it might be more) just off the major fairway in Ponca City. Comparatively, however, the Garden to total land ratio is actually a little small. It doesn’t stop it from making a huge impact, though; the portion of the grounds that are planted are absolutely teaming with a wide variety of plants- some native to our state and others not. The Koi Pond and dual waterfalls in the Garden offset it beautifully to boot- and it was wonderful watching the Koi swim around in the water.

My favorite part of the visit, though, was discovering the giant Magnolia tree on the property (yes, the very same one whose picture now serves as my main blog banner); Magnolias are one of my favorite trees and when the wind caught it just right it smelled so heavenly. It made me even more determined to plant one out at the Homestead whenever we’re finally on the land- which, unfortunately, is still a long ways away.

It was incredibly nice to be able to stroll around the shaded garden with my Husband and look at all the plants. It was even better to photograph them… And with my new Nikon D3400 (that’s right, my first Camera all my own!) I definitely kept busy; my Husband would argue that I managed to photograph every plant in the Garden. And… Well, he’s probably right about that. I came home with well over 3,000 pictures and I don’t regret it for a moment.

Signature Blue

The Banner Image for this post was provided by StockSnap; the Banner Image for the main site is my own work.



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