Changes to Witchcraft Content

As you might have noticed, some things have changed around here. Most notably, all of my Witchcraft posts have vanished!

In the past I have hosted Witchcraft resources on a separate blog. After a while, however, I combined them here in order to make it easier on myself; upkeeping two to three blogs at any given moment- and consistently producing content for them- was difficult. Now, however, if you look around you’ll notice that content relating to Witchcraft is missing from my blog.

Simply put: As I move further into my studies on Irish Polytheism, I also move closer to Irish forms of magic; my interest in Modern Western Magic wanes with each passing day, and I find myself turning more towards Irish methods of getting things done… At this point I’ve simply stopped fighting the inevitable and given into it; I’m no longer practicing the type of magic that those posts were written for, and so I have removed them from my blog.

If you enjoyed those posts or found them useful, however, don’t despair. I am updating and compiling all of that old material into a Kindle book that will be released for free once I’m finished with it; I may not be actively writing books or practicing that form of Witchcraft anymore, but I wrote that material to help others and I want it to continue to be available in the future… Just not here.

This decision will not impact my posts on Paganism and Irish Polytheism, however. Firstly, because as I continue my research I find it more and more connected to topics that I already talk about here. Secondly is because, like the purpose of my Witchcraft writing, my posts on Irish Polytheism are meant to help others as well- especially since so few resources are available on those subjects I’m currently focusing on at this point in my studies (most notably the Virtues). As such, I will continue to document my thoughts and findings on those subjects as I go.

The Gaelic Roundtable, though, will be taking a short break for the time being. June is one of the busiest times of the year for me, and this year is no exception; my 27th birthday is in just 4 days, my Husband and I are about to start traveling more, we’re finally in a position to possibly do some things with the Homestead, and I’m dealing with my Photography. More than that, though, I’m still trying to pull myself out of the year long funk I was in, and it’s going to take all of my concentration and motivation to do it. After June I am usually significantly less busy, so the Roundtable will be back on July 1st.Signature Blue


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