Music Monday: Twin Wild, Lower than Atlantis, and Young Rising Sons

I asked Tumblr for new Music and I was not disappointed.

lower-than-atlantis-pic 1Twin Wild

A friend sent me a link to Twin Wild’s song Willow Tree, and I haven’t stopped listening to it on repeat since.

Hailing from the UK, Twin Wild has been likened to The Neighborhood, Foals, and Bastille. I’m certainly a fan of all of the above, but it’s hard to see the similarities in some areas; it’s occasionally more difficult to hear the similarities between the likes of Bastille and Foals, whereas the similarities with Nothing But Thieves and The Neighborhood aren’t quite as overexaggerated. Still, it’s easy enough to hear the similarities that I’d certainly consider them to fall within roughly the same genre- especially with Twin Wild’s songs like Control and My Heart (not to mentioned the aforementioned Willow Tree).

lower-than-atlantis-pic 1Lower than Atlantis

Hailing from Watford, Hertfordshire in England, Lower than Atlantis has been around since roughly 2008. Their discovery this week was a bit of a mistake on my part, however; after a friend introduced me to Twin Wild (above), in true Anna fashion, I fell down the “Youtube Mix” rabbit hole. Their song Had Enough was included in one of the mixes I turned on to do housework and I haven’t looked back since… And if you’ve ever found one of those songs that just describes you so perfectly in that moment of your life, then you’ll understand.

Of course, the rest of their music doesn’t let you down, either. Here We Go packs just as powerful a punch as Had Enough does for me. So much so that it’s easy to see why these were some of their top singles whenever they debuted. Hell, even their covers are good, with their cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World quite possibly being one of my favorite covers of the song to exist.

lower-than-atlantis-pic 1Young Rising Sons

Unlike the other two on today’s list, Young Rising Sons were formed out of New Jersey in the United States- releasing their first single, High, back in 2014 despite forming in 2010.  Like Lower than Atlantis, though, my discovery of them came from that same Youtube Mix rabbit hole.

Young Rising Sons’ song Undefeatable sat nestled alongside the other tracks in the mix… And if Had Enough (Lower than Atlantis) perfectly mirrored my current mood? Then Undefeatable by Young Rising Sons punched me right in the gut; I could have used a song like that in High School during some of my darkest days. The video they chose to make to accompany the song really drives that home on an emotional level that leaves me pretty close to tears. Match that with the likes of Flesh and Bone, and they quickly rise to the top of the list.


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