When You Have No Devotion

This is my latest entry The Gaelic Roundtable. Our third discussion topic so far, May covers Devotion; the how and where or our Worship.

Devotionals are short but often intense periods of prayer, reflection, and offerings to the Divine. Such periods of action are external to and separate from the main practices of a religion- occurring during out private time in order to foster a deeper understanding of and connection with our Deities. The most common form is that of Daily Devotionals– or such a period which is carried out once a day (or even at varying intervals throughout the day. But while this is by far the most common form of Devotionals practiced by people around the world, Such acts may be carried out weekly or even monthly at varying intervals depending on the Practitioner… But while they are important to most, they tend to fall to the wayside for me.

Saying that I have no devotion is a bit of a misnomer. I am Devoted to my Gods. I worship my Gods because I love them. There is no doubt about that; Irish Polytheism may have been something that I avoided for a decade because of leftover Eclectic Baggage- and I may have only found it because of an accident on the part of a good friend. It may not have been a choice I made willingly at first, either. But I continue to be here out of love. The more I look at the Gaelic Polytheist Community, however? The more I realize that my love doesn’t necessarily look like everyone else’s; my love isn’t Devotional in the same sense.

I honor the never ending contract between Man and the Gods. I pay my rent to the Fae every year come Fáiteall, and I honor everyone during the festivals. I share my Tea or a fresh loaf of homemade bread with them when the feeling strikes, or when someone gets a little rowdy. I study the mythology and folklore, I bury myself in relevant Science and Archaeology, and dig through my genealogy. I learn about- and pay attention to- Ireland itself. And most of all, I try to understand.

But our relationship is a simple one built on a single thing: Reciprocacy; when I need, I give and they give in return.

I strongly believe in the concept of ‘a gift for a gift’ – I can’t expect the aid and blessings of the Gods if I don’t offer them what they need or desire in return – Morgandria

I keep them in my heart and I am always thinking of them. I see them in nearly everything around me, because they are impossible for me to escape… But they are more like the family you think of regularly yet talk to rarely, but who love each other no less because that communication is not constant; I don’t pray often, and I don’t give offerings regularly. I have no formal rituals or schedule. I have no sacred spaces to visit, or devotional acts that I perform. I don’t live a life where every waking moment is devoted to my Gods in mind, body and spirit; in thought, and action.

I simply exist, and my Gods exist with me. And for me, for now, that is good enough.



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