An Abundance of Roses

My Husband and I decided to go on a walk around town this morning. While I agitated my already injured knee doing so, the sunrise- and all the Roses we found- made it worth the pain.

We had stayed up all night before deciding that we wanted Doughnuts from our usual place. Since the weather was nice, though, we opted to walk instead of drive; we hadn’t been on a walk together in a while- not since we were both forced to get rid of Pokemon Go… And it was honestly the perfect morning for it.


While walking out of the doughnut shop, we looked across the street to see that the rising sun had illuminated the clouds behind the Museum, and it was honestly one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen. I was going to simply snap a picture of it with my phone until I realized that I didn’t have it with me. It was my Husband who reminded me that I brought my brand new Nikon with me, and urged me to capture it with that instead. I’m glad he did, too! I snapped the picture, then we made our way to the Museum. Together we sat in the pavilion on the grounds at ate our breakfast while watching it.

And then I spotted the Roses.

I admit that I used to hate Roses. Everywhere you look they’re there, telling you they’re the ultimate symbol of love and romance. For a long time I couldn’t stand it… And then I planted my first Rosebush on a whim; I don’t know what possessed me to purchase a yellow Tea Rose out of the blue (really, I don’t). But I quickly discovered that it’s one of the few plants my black thumbed having self can grow and not kill within a week.

South African SunbeltSince then I’ve been a little obsessed; I have approximately 30 Roses on my gardening Wish List- including varieties like the Queen of Sweden, PiñataViking Queen, and (yes) Oklahoma. So far I’ve planted 4 of them since discovering my love. The first, of course, was the yellow Tea Rose that started it all. Next came the Joseph’s Coat Climbing Rose. While it was my favorite of them all, sadly we lost this year for unknown reasons. But alongside it was a beautiful, albeit unnamed, purple Heirloom- which, while still alive, is currently struggling after losing all of its leaves to a bad rain this year. Finally comes the South Africa Sunbelt to replace it- a stunning yellow Grandiflora which I fully plan on picking up this week if the store still has it in stock.

Some day I hope to create a Rose Garden of my own- or at least visit the Tulsa Municipal Rose Gardens while they’re in full bloom. Until that day finally arrives, though, I have to settle for seeing what others have planted in their own yards… And there are a lot more Rosebushes than I anticipated. More than that, there are more varieties than I expected; most people tend to purchase the standard Knockout Roses that are sold around here. But on our walk today I was rather surprised to find that I wasn’t the only one breaking that mold and going for interesting and less common varieties.

Red RoseWe ended up walking around for roughly two hours before finally deciding to return home. I did end up injuring my knee during the course of it, however, and wound up having to wear my Knee Brace and use my cane for the rest of the day; technically I had injured it the week prior and it was still recovering. But the walk didn’t help anything.

All in all, though, it was a wonderful walk even if I antagonized my knee in the process; the temperature was perfect, the sunrise was spectacular, and I got to see- and photograph- quite a few gorgeous Roses I hadn’t noticed before. Best of all, I got to spend some alone time with my Husband during some of the best hours of any day (early morning, when everyone else is still asleep), and that is definitely one thing that I’ll never get enough of.

Signature Blue

The Banner Image for this post was provided by StockSnap; the Banner Image for the main site is my own work.



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