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Reviewing: Backyard Homesteading

Backyard Homesteading: A Back-to-Basics Guide to Self-Sufficiency” authored by David Toht

25810714I accidentally ordered this from my local Book Store thinking that it was a part of the Backyard Homestead series produced by Storey Publishing… Only to find out that it wasn’t. And while I really like the actual Backyard Homestead series by Storey Publishing, this similarly titled book by David Toht introduces a few things that Storey’s series does not. I’m actually glad that I ordered this one because of that- even if the purchase wasn’t intentional.

Backyard Homestead covers topics like how to build your Animal Shelters and dealing with Municipal Regulations. It even digs into subjects Fruit Trees (rarely covered), and what to actually do once you’ve harvested your crops- like Canning, Smoking, and so on. It also offers a wide range of illustrations, color photographs, and even worksheets and tables that are a great help in all stages of Homestead development and Management.

In all honestly, this is all information that I had wished the Storey Publishing series had included, but which was lacking. So I can’t say that I’m not glad to have found it in another book. In fact, I’d recommend that, if you’re a fan of the Backyard Homestead series by Storey Publishing, you pick this book up as a supplement to it. It’s definitely worth it.

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