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Reviewing: Beginning Beekeeping

Beginning Beekeeping: Everything You Need to Make Your Hive Thrive!” authored by Tanya Phillips

25810714When I was special ordering a few Homesteading books from my local Book Store, I came across this on one of the shelves. I flipped through it for a bit, but didn’t have the money to grab it at the time. I resolved to get it when I came back later in the week to pick up my special order- and pick it up I did.

For someone who doesn’t know anything about Bees, I was astounded by the amount of information this book contained… And for such a relatively small book compared to some others, the amount of information was massive; it contains information on different types of Hives that are available, how to garden for your Bees (in that you’re building a garden to help sustain them), how to buy Bees or attract local swarms to your hives, record keeping, maintenance, and… Well… Pretty much any of the basics that you need to know. What I think is most interesting, though, is that the beginning of the book starts out by simply educating the reader about Honeybees, what they are, their stages of development, what they eat, and more.

Really, there is so much information in this book- all accented by gorgeous full color images- that it’s hard to put down even from a recreational reading standpoint. To make it better, I cross referenced a lot of the information with a Co-Worker of my Husband’s who actually does keep bees (and has his own Homestead, even!), and a lot of the information is pretty accurate.

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