Reviewing: A Botanist’s Vocabulary

A Botanist’s Vocabulary: 1300 Terms Explained and Illustrated” authored jointly by Susan K. Pell and Bobbi Angell

25810714I stumbled across this book in my local Library while actually searching for a few key others that I was interested in. Sure, there really isn’t much to say about this one… Simply put, it’s a dictionary. And as a dictionary, it’s dry and its relatively boring. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, however. It looked useful, so I picked it up- and I wasn’t disappointed by it.

If you’ve ever wondered what the hell they’re talking about in the Herbals you pick up, this is definitely the book for you; it’s a wonderful standalone glossary that covers most (if not potentially all) of those alien terms we might stumble across- particularly when dealing with plant descriptions in herbals or related materials. Furthermore, it’s put together in a relatively easy to understand way that makes it interesting to read.

What I love the most about it, though, is that it’s visually appealing; the use of Black and White (plus red) illustrations for most entries help to illustrate to portion of the plant to which the term refers and generally adds a nice visual appeal to the book that doesn’t make it feel very much like a dictionary at a base glance.

All in all, it’s definitely a must have addition to any herbalist, plant enthusiast, or civilian conservationist’s library.

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