Yearly Objectives

My Goals for 2017

I could have done a lot better accomplishing my goals for last year. Still, I’m happy with what I did manage to achieve given how the year went; by all accounts, I could have done a lot worse. Still, there’s a lot to accomplish in 2017- and I’m feeling a bit more ambitious than usual.

Fitness & Health

  • Go Hiking 5 times this year
  • Go Camping once this year
  • Go Swimming twice this year
  • Visit at least 1 new State Park this year
  • Establish and stick with a workout routine for at least 3 months
  • Get back into the 120 – 130 pound range weight wise
  • Quit smoking (for real this time!)
  • Drink at least 1 liter of water a day

Food & Home

Beauty & Appearance

  • Moisturize at least twice a week
  • Actually wash my face daily
  • Find (and purchase) a Signature Scent
  • Perfect my signature Makeup Look
  • Don’t cut my hair unless necessary (for trims, damage, etc)!
  • Better define and implement the Spiritual Aspects of Beauty
  • Focus on Blouse Purchases this year
  • Invest in more Vintage Jewelry
  • Clear out the Jewelry I don’t wear
  • Wear Jewelry and accessories more often

Creative Pursuits

  • Draw at least once per month
  • Save up for and purchase a Nikon D3200
  • Sew (and complete) my first dress
  • Write 500 words on any project once a week
  • Write at least 8 new poems this year

Signature Blue

The Banner Image for this post was provided by StockSnap; the Banner Image for the main site is my own work.


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