Music Monday: Soundtrack Edition

I recently received an ask on Tumblr asking for suggestions of Videogame Soundtracks. At the time, I could only give one example. But as I keep thinking about it- and going through my Steam account- there’s a couple more I’d like to add.

65_nms_750_406d06b6-9ffa-4918-9d4e-f25cd9e2468b_grandeNo Man’s Sky

Music For an Infinite Universe is the soundtrack for No Man’s Sky- the recent release in the gaming world which kind of tipped everything on its head for a bit. Produced by 65daysofstatic, it contains all 10 original tracks from the game- plus 6 additional soundscapes produced specifically for the soundtrack.

Personally Supermoon (track 02) is my favorite, but most would recognize the song Debutante, which was released with the first Official Trailer for No Man’s Sky. Despite Debutante‘s notoriety, though, it’s far from the most interesting song on the soundtrack. However, both songs really highlight the variety you get with the music and the other tracks don’t let you down, either.


Unlike No Man’s Sky’s sountrack, Viridi’s doesn’t have a nifty name- being known simply as Viridi OST. But in a lot of ways, the soundtrack is really reflective of the game itself: Simple and minimalist without too many unnecessary frills, yet ultimately relaxing and packed with enjoyment.

And what else would you really expect from an Indie Game about growing succulents in a pot? While the songs can sound a bit redundant it doesn’t detract from them overall. Instead they have such a beautiful, ethereal lullaby quality to them that would make this album a perfect one to listen to in order to drift off to sleep. The tracks Morning Dew and Mote, especially, are my own favorites- though Garden Under the Glass and Winter Sunlight are also great.


And, of course, last on the list is Destiny- one of my favorite games, and the only game I’ve ever produced Fanart of to date (though Fanart may be coming for the Atlas in NMS; I don’t know what it is with me and electronic characters like them but I simply can’t resist).

Destiny actually has two soundtracks so far: The Original OST, and the Taken King OST released for the Destiny DLC expansion. Both, though, are absolutely wonderful; I love the sheer variety of music that’s available- whether it’s Dubsteppy Electronic music, or something far more Orchestral in sound.


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