Febas and the Housewife Part 3; Defining the Behaviors and Actions

Behavior ultimately means “the way in which you act- especially towards others”. To me, though, it also includes the traits and manners that one cultivates which are connected to this- as well as basic daily actions which require a certain level of responsibility, productivity, and skill.

This is one of the main reasons why the posts on Febas so far have looked at more than just how the Early Irish thought others should be treated by which social groups- and has, instead, also delved into what daily actions they likely would have performed, which would go along with these behaviors… And from my research in the last two posts, I feel as if there is definitely a list of “Behaviors” which could constitute as Febas for the average person like myself, regardless of whether or not the person is explicitly a Homemaker.

I feel like these can generally be sectioned off into two categories. The first is actual behaviors themselves, but the second is a series of related actions. And on the surface, the items on the list below might seem like they speak about roughly the same things… You would be right in that. The two things really do go hand in hand.

I felt it was important to section it rather roughly this way because it’s really very easy to say what we should be doing- like “be brave” or “be smart” and “treat others with respect”… But often times, no one ever gives instructions on how to do it; no one sits down to say “you become brave by doing this thing” or “you become smart by doing this thing” or “this is how you respect people”… And without a specific examples of how, it’s usually very hard to know exactly which actions we should be taking in all cases.

For instance, one important thing to the early Irish was Beauty… But how exactly does one actually “be beautiful“? If you just tell someone to “be beautiful”, they might have a rough idea of what you mean but they might not. It is important to say “to be beautiful you have to do x”- and if you’ve read my series defending Beauty as a spiritual Virtue within Irish Polytheism, then it should come as no surprise that (at least in my eyes), the associated action you should take would be to take care of your health and hygiene.

So with the way that I have formatted the list, both things are present here; the left hand column speaks of the desirable behaviors themselves that, according to Febas, one should likely attempt to abide by. But the right are specific associated actions which are required to be or enact them.

Before I get to the rough list, however, I want to point out one thing: That is that Febas does not just mean cultivating or participating these behaviors and actions… It also refers to excellency in them. Without at least the attempt to achieve excellency in such behavior, Febas ultimately becomes useless.

For a list of IriPol resources, including those I used to inform the opinions mentioned in this article, please view this page here.


Taking care of your physical appearance and hygiene– and taking care in how you present yourself to others

Controlling your Temper and Tongue– and Communicating openly, efficiently, and effectively with others

Offering Hospitality or assistance when needed

Educating yourself in all avenues, through any available means

Learning at least one trade or other skill– and being proficient in general Life Skills 

Being productive and responsible in Household and Financial Management, keeping your affairs in order, and maintaining a savings.

Dedicating time and attention to your Family and Partner(s)- and being supportive of them


Being poised, elegant, graceful, and beautiful

Being pleasantagreeable, well  spoken / eloquent, and willing to communicate

Being willing to please or assist others when appropriate

Being knowledgeable, intelligent, and wise– and exercising good, sound judgement and morals

Being emotionally, morally, and physically preparedstrong, self sufficient, and / or capable

Being responsible, productive, and skilled.

Being Faithful and Loyal to your Partner(s) and family

Being willing to and capable of defending what is yours



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