Content Transfer

After careful thought and consideration, over the next month I will be transfering A Glorious Beauty’s posts over and combining them on A Sweet and Delicate Thing. The reasons for this are multifold. There are two major reasons, though.

Firstly, I originally had separate blogs because I wanted to keep these aspects of my life separate in the public sphrere where I could. I have, however, come to realize that I cannot do this. These posts are just as much a part of my everyday life as my Traditionalism, Homemaking, and other things. As such, I believe they deserve to share a single space.

Secondly, It is easier to manage. Right now I have too many social media accounts as is, and worrying whether or not I am consistently providing content to all of them is taxing; quite frankly it is much more than I can handle. I would much rather have a singular blog space to write content for, without worrying whether or not the others will fall inactive.

So please expect disappearing posts, broken links, and a bit of wonkiness for the next month as I get everything sorted out. In the interim, if you are looking for a specific post please feel free to message me on tumblr and I will happily find the link for you.

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